Bob - "I was, to be honest with you, a little scared to call because I've been turned down so many times I thought I was going to get turned down again. I explained to him my situation, and he called back the same day and told me that it looked good, it was just a short time, just a couple of weeks and I had the loan and paid off all my bills."

Debbie - "A big draw was that we didn't have to come into the office at all. Everything was handled on the phone and Dan actually did all the paper work so for us."

Centerpointe Financial, Inc. Testimonials

Daryl - I heard about them. My wife heard about them. And it just coincided with the refi that we were trying to do with another company -the timing and all. We more or less had a nightmare with this other company. And we ended up pulling out because we just didn't like the way we were getting treated. And she said, "Daryl, you need to call Centerpointe. They couldn't treat me any better, I'll tell you like that. I couldn't ask for anything more. It was a wonderful experience. They were so professional from the receptionists to the loan officer. I'm gonna tell you - the experience was so nice I referred them to every single person in my family. Including my Mom and Dad."

Dwight - "I shopped. I shopped extensively, matter of fact. After kind of a bad experience out there, with something I thought, I really had going, and come to find out that guy really just seemed like he just had too much on his plate, someone else that I found prior to coming to Centerpointe. One day on the way to work I just heard Centerpointe's commercial. From start to finish, I ...I want to say within, like, maybe twenty days, twenty five days I was done. I have already referred people."

Boothe - "Each time I dealt with an individual, I was treated as though I was the only customer. When they said that they are taking care of you, and looking out for your best interests, they really do. I didn't get an answering machine; a human being. And that's so refreshing because that's not my field of expertise, and ah, I mean, I was very very very pleased."

Call Today: 800.600.2115

Brandon - "In these days with as competitive as the lending industry is, it seems that there are a whole lot of people that may be inexperienced jumping into that industry, and don't really know the ins and outs of tailoring programs to fit someone's needs. That's what my experience was prior to calling Centerpointe. If you want a professional that knows what they're doing, I would definitely call Centerpointe Financial. One of the things that I don't appreciate is the hard sell. And that kind of turns people off. With him it was more just giving information. Giving us the information and the tools that we needed to decide which program was gonna best suit our needs. And so, it was a comfortable relationship from the start. They're accessible. You're able to track them down. You know, you don't have to go on a chase and leave messages and leave multiple voice mails, they're very accessible, they will return their calls. In most cases they're there to take your calls without having to leave a message. If we needed him, he was there."

Helen - "We saved over $800 per month. We paid all our credit cards off and we just have the one payment now."

Ricardo - "I'm very strict. My job here is in service. I'm a technician and also I'm a servicer. And, I'm very strict when I judge somebody on the service. If he's not good service, believe me, I get upset very easy. But they deserve my recommendation."

Nora - "Centerpointe Financial made it easier to refinance our home. They did all of the work. What they promised over the radio they did. They followed through with no hype, no gimmick. They're professional and personable."